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Professional, Punctual, Reliable

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MCK Travel Services is a licensed private hire based in Shropshire. We are here to provide you with a professional, punctual and reliable service. Our first-class transfer services include: 

Airport transfer

Long distance travel

Hourly and daily hire

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  1. Our chauffeur may request a proof of ID from the lead passenger at the start of journey. If the lead passenger’s name details do not match the booking details our chauffeur will refuse to carry out our services, and we will terminate this Agreement without liability to you/the lead passenger and any other passenger who may be affected.

  2.  You may cancel your booking at any time. However, if you wish to receive full refund please email your request 24 hours ahead of your journey to ; if your cancellation notice is shorter than 24 hours, we will refund 50% of your booking fee due to loss of the business.

  3. You may reschedule your booking at least 24 hours in advance via telephone or email. However, we may not be able to reschedule your booking due to limited availability.

  4. If you/the lead passenger do not turn up at the booking point at a reasonable time and as agreed in advance, our chauffeur will return to our base and you will be charged at full cost of your booking.

  5. You/ the lead passenger who makes the booking is expressly held responsible for the behaviour of all passengers and for informing them of the provisions of this Agreement.

  6. You/ the lead passenger accept responsibility and will indemnify us for any internal or external damage to or loss of the vehicle or any of our property caused or incited to be caused by you or any passenger no matter how the damage is caused.

  7. You will pay for all cleaning and valet costs for our vehicle if any Passenger/ guide dog causes any spillage or suffers from self-inflicted illness or in any other way causes the cleanliness of the vehicle to be of a lower standard than at the Pick-up Time. The minimum valeting fee of £100.00 including time for loss of business will be charged to your account or payment card. Our chauffeur/driver could refuse to complete the journey if the valeting fee is not paid as per his/her request.

  8. We do not accept pets other than guide dogs in our vehicles. However, you/the hirer will be responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicle as per term 7.

  9. Smoking, drinking (anything other than water) or eating food is not allowed in our vehicles.

  10. We do not provide child restraints. Hence, parents and carers are responsible for the safety of children under the age of 14.

  11. Your luggage allowance are 1 large suitcase with 1 cabin suitcase/ 2 medium suitcases or 4 cabin suitcases . We will transport a reasonable quantity of luggage accompanying passengers. If, in the judgement of our chauffeur, the volume or weight of luggage is excessive, then we reserve the right to refuse to transport all or part of the luggage.

  12. We do not tolerate harassment, bullying, direct or indirect discrimination or hate crime including racist, homophobic  and transphobic language committed by the passenger or driver under the Equality Act 2010. In the event that any passenger is or appears to be carrying out or attempting to carry out any unacceptable behaviour, then we or our chauffeur may refuse entry to that passenger to the vehicle or may terminate the agreement for that booking or may cease the performance of the services even if they are not completed and may require that passenger to leave the vehicle. In such circumstances, without prejudice to our other rights and remedies, you must still pay to us the full price for the booking and we will have no responsibility or liability for any losses or costs to you or any passenger for any incomplete performance of the services. And if the crime committed by the driver we will terminate our business relation with the driver and will assist the passenger to seek legal advice against the driver if the issue has not been resolved between the passenger and the driver.

  13. We have no responsibility or liability to you for any delays or cancellation in your collection from the Pick-up Address as a result of severe traffic congestion, accidents, weather conditions or any other cause outside our reasonable control.

  14. Whilst every attempt is made to monitor flight and cruise ship arrival times, there may be occasions when due to security checks, baggage handling delays and similar circumstances that additional delays are incurred in the client arriving at the driver meeting point. A half-an- hour waiting fee is included in your Airport collection quote, any additional car parking fees, as a result of unforeseen delays, will be charged to the client at £7.00 for the next 30 minutes. The next hours will be charged at £20.00 per hour.

  15. The chauffeur will request payment from the lead passenger for any excessive periods of waiting time ahead of the journey. The chauffeur could refuse our service if the additional cost is not paid in advance.

  16. You/ the lead passenger must pay all additional expenses - apart from the excessive waiting time which should be paid immediately- to us within 7 days of the electronic issue of your invoice. This include any damage caused to the vehicle by the passenger/s during the journey. Unpaid bills could result in formal complaint and court action.

  17. Each Vehicle is only insured for our chauffeurs. No other person may drive the Vehicle under any circumstances.

  18. Either we or you may terminate this Agreement or any Booking without liability to the other party by giving notice to the other at least 48 hours before commencing of our contract.

  19. If due to unforeseen circumstances or technical issues we were not able to commence or complete your journey, we will give you a full refund. However, we shall not be responsible for any consequences due to your delay.

  20. All property and luggage remain at all times the responsibility of you and other passengers. We accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage, no matter how caused, to your property or luggage or those of passengers.

  21. Any property left in the vehicle will be held by MCK Travel Services until reclaimed for a maximum of three days. Then, it will be passed to the nearest police station.

  22. Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and a memorable journey for our clients. However, if under any circumstances you were not happy with our services you may contact us via email ( We will then advise you on the process of your complaint. However you can also contact Shropshire Council Licensing Team directly via email ( or telephone (0345 678 9046).

  23. We will issue your invoice via email only. However, we can issue a letter headed invoice and post it to your address via Royal Mail recorded delivery for a fixed fee of £10.00.

  24. We shall have no liability to you for loss of profits, goodwill, reputation, business contracts, revenue, production, anticipated savings, nor for losses arising from third party claims which arise in connection with our services nor any other losses or expenses.

  25. We reserve copy rights of our logo, trade name and contents of our website and business. We may prosecute anyone/organisation who breaches these terms via legal means.

  26. We will never share your details with third parties. Your data including name, full details of your journey, email address and contact number are saved in digital format for no longer than 6 month. However, this period will renew after each booking. Your personal details are protected and your rights are reserved under Data Protection Act 2018.

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